Educational Accreditation Bodies with Contact Details Lithuania

Accreditation is a kind of quality assurance mechanism under which the educational institutions are assessed. In Lithuania, the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education is responsible for the evaluation of the quality of Lithuania higher education

Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC)

Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, set up in 1995 is an independent public authority that executes external quality assurance mechanism in Lithuanian higher education. This agency was established by the Ministry of Education and Science, Lithuania. The SKVC is responsible for the evaluation of the quality of higher education institution and its qualifications.   

Contact details:
Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
Address: A. Gostauto g. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius
Tel.: ( 370 5) 210 4778
Fax: ( 370 5) 213 2553

Educational National Bodies 

Ministry of Education and Science (In Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublikos svietimo ir mokslo ministerija)

The Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the education system- formal as well non-formal education, in Lithuania. The Ministry implements the policies and plans relating to studies, and coordinates the activities of the educational institutions in Lithuania. 

Contact details:
A. Volano. 2, LT-01516 Vilnius 
E. p.
Tel.: (8 5) 219 1190 
Fax: (8 5) 261 2077 

Lithuanian University Rectors' Conference (In Lithuanian: Lietuvos universitetu rektorių konferencija)

The Lithuanian University Rectors' Conference manages the relationship between the directors or rectors of the universities in Lithuania, and additionally the rectors’ relationship with the municipal institutions, administration institutions and the state government. The Lithuanian University Rector Conference work towards the cooperation and coordination between higher education institutions and international establishments, local self-governing bodies and governmental agencies. It develops and promotes the Lithuanian educational, scientific, economic and cultural aspects. 

Contact details:
Address for correspondence:
Freedom al. 13, LT - 44238, Kaunas, Lithuania 
Phone: 370 618 68019 

Lithuanian College Directors' Conference (In Lithuanian: Lietuvos kolgiju direktoriu konferencija)

The Lithuanian Colleges Directors’ Conference manages activities among the colleges in Lithuania. It acts as a mediator between the Ministry of Education and Science and other government colleges and institutions.

Contact details:
Lithuania the Directors' Conference Secretariat:
Correspondence address:  Lithuanian Maritime Academy 
I. Kanto g. 7 
LT-92123 Klaipėda 
Tel .: (8 46) 397240 
Fax: (46 8) 397 240 

Science Council of Lithuania (In Lithuanian: Lietuvos mokslo taryba)

The Science Council of Lithuania is an advisory authority to the Seimas of Lithuania and the Government of science, research and development policy. The council executes the education policy of Lithuania and assesses the research activities. It also represents the matters related to the Lithuanian science and development in the European Union Member States and international organizations. 

Contact details:
Address: Institution code 188716281
Gedimino pr. 3, 01103 Vilnius
Tel.: (8 5) 212 4933
Fax: (8 5) 261 8535
Email: ep

Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation (In Lithuanina: Lietuvos valstybinis mokslo ir studiju fondas)

Contact details:
Address: to. k. 191722967, A.Gostauto g. 12-407, LT - 01108, 
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. :( 370 5) 2639152
Fax: ( 370 5) 2639153
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