Lithuania as a Study Destination

Lithuania is in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is one of the 3 Baltic States- the biggest and the most populous of them all. The country borders on Poland, Belarus, Russia and Latvia.
Lithuania is a member of EU, NATO and the Schengen agreement. The country’s rapid economic growth makes it a perfect study abroad destination.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Lithuania

Lithuania is coming forth as a major study destination. If you’re thinking of this country to get a study abroad experience, that will be the greatest decision you ever made. Read on to know why study abroad in Lithuania: 

High Quality Education with Wide Choices

Lithuania has some of the best higher education institutions- colleges and universities. These institutions are known for their high quality of education and teaching level. The graduates from the Lithuanian higher education institutions are accepted worldwide for their skills and knowledge.

Also, in Lithuania the higher education institutions provide a wide spectrum of academic programmes and qualifications, therefore making it an ideal study destination to fulfill professional dreams. The programmes are recognized internationally provide great employment opportunities to students. 

Economical Country

The cost of living and studying in Lithuania is lower than the other western countries, thus making it a great destination for study, business or tourism. 

Friendly and Welcoming Environment and People

The Lithuanian people are friendly and welcoming. It is one of the bilingual and most educated countries in Europe. By studying in the country, you get to discover their culture and learn a foreign language. While studying in Lithuania, you’ll find some good friends and build up a network of people that will be an invaluable asset for your future vocation.

Learn the Language

Lithuanian is the official language of the country. Living in Lithuania gives you an opportunity to learn a new language.  

Unique and Rich Heritage and Culture 

Lithuania has a unique and rich cultural heritage. The old town of Vilnius is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Many music festivals and international events are held throughout the year all over the country. It has a culturally rich environment comprising of a diverse population.

Great Learning Environment

The higher education institutions of Lithuania comprise of excellent research literature, computing and technology equipments. Students and researchers are provided a superb learning and research environment. The lectures and classes are being taken by some of the highly qualified faculty members. 

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

The higher education qualifications gained from Lithuania are accepted and recognized across the world. Lithuania has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), thus making it simpler for international pupils to have their current qualifications correspond to the national credit scheme.

Mobility Opportunities 

The higher education institutions of Lithuania are actively involved and are part of several international programmes and agreements. They are a part of the Erasmus Mundus programme, the Fulbright programme, and more. The institutions keep on building links with the higher education institutions abroad, thus resulting in exchange programmes/projects. The students, researchers and teachers are a part of these exchange programmes.

Accommodation Easy Availability

Accommodation is one of the concerns of the international students.  The Lithuanian higher education institutions offer accommodation in their halls of residences to most of the students. Private accommodation is also easy to get in Lithuania. 

Many Scholarship Programmes

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania and many organizations offer several scholarship programmes to students. Also, the Lithuanian institutions of higher learning offer scholarships to study.
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